Home-based x e-commerce site customer support

About 5 cases per day *Online administration, etc.* Customer support job request

Job Description

We are a company that sells products on the Internet.
The main merchandise handled are fashion items and sports items.
We are currently in our 8th year of operation and are looking for a core member to join our back office as we look ahead to our 10th year. We are looking for a long-term candidate, and we would like to gradually entrust you with other tasks as you become accustomed to them.

Purpose/Outline of Request

We are looking for teleworkers looking for long-term work.
We will first focus on customer service, but we will also ask you about your other previous experience and preferences,
We hope to gradually expand the scope of our work and ask for your help.

Since it is completely home-based and does not require office visits, it can be used by those who are raising children, caring for a family member, or living in a rural area.
Preference will be given to candidates who are flexible and in constant contact using tools such as chatwork and Trello.
We also prefer candidates who are ambitious, willing to learn new things, and have the ability to take initiative.
Please do not apply if you have a part-time hourly employment or a salaried mindset.


Required work
◆Responding to inquiries by phone and email
*Please do not apply if you wish to receive only emails.

We will handle the primary reception of telephone inquiries, so there is no need to respond to sales calls.
Handling cases: On weekdays, we handle about 5 cases a day on average, including calls and e-mails.
The basic flow is as follows: primary reception by the company (our company) → confirmation of the contents and response to the customer

Other additional requested work
◆EC site management and construction
◆New product development and product improvement
◆SNS distribution
◆Web marketing, analytical work and advertising management
◆Web design, LP production, WordPress production
◆Article Writing
◆Product image shooting, video shooting and editing, etc.

*We do not ask for all of the above.
We would like to ask you to expand your scope of work upon consultation with us depending on your experience and wishes.
You will first operate mainly in response to inquiries and gradually handle other additional tasks.

*We welcome those who have experience in working with e-commerce site projects, customer support operations, etc.

Contracts and Compensation

Outsourcing contract (contractor contracts and other agreements can be negotiated as work increases)
*We will aggressively increase your compensation based on the work you do.

Monthly remuneration: 15,000 yen and up (tax included)
Time zone: Prefer to respond during the following business hours

≪Opening days and times for responding to inquiries ≫.
Email response time and date: Weekdays, weekends and holidays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Phone reception date and time: Weekdays only, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Approximate number of cases handled: On weekdays, an average of about 5 cases per day by phone and e-mail.

Our Customer Support System

We respond to customer inquiries by phone and email.

≪About customer service.
*You will be responsible for the contents of your correspondence until completion.
*We cannot respond when you are out of the office or using only your smartphone.
Please respond to business correspondence at your PC in the quiet environment of your home.

≪About the phone call.
We plan to use IP phone numbers starting with 050.
You will be required to install and configure the application on your own smartphone.

≪About email correspondence.
Use the Inquiry Tool.

≪ Regarding the internet communication fee…
You will be responsible for the internet communication fee, but if you have a wifi environment, you will not be charged for the communication fee,
It is preferable to have a wifi environment in your home.

Regarding Recruitment

Although our business has grown to the scale of several hundred million yen with a small elite group, we are looking for people who are willing to share the satisfaction of further expansion and who want to experience the dynamic of a venture company.
We will work with you to build up the back office operations from the ground up, so please only enter if you find this challenging and rewarding. We are also looking for someone who is independent and can run their own business as the work is basically done from home.
We will support you if you have a desire to grow in terms of job content, but we welcome entries from people who are willing to learn based on the approach that if there is something they do not understand, they can first look it up and solve it on their own right away.

Flow of Recruitment

1. Apply with answers to the questions
2. We will reply only to those who are selected to proceed to the assignment review process.
3. Submission of assignment test
Submission of resume and curriculum vitae
5. Remote interview
6. Final acceptance or rejection notification
7. Business consignment contract with us

Please note that it may take a few days for us to respond to your application.

Points to be emphasized

Fast response time (especially from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
Able to report and communicate thoroughly.
Must be able to meet deadlines and be on time.
Able to solve problems.
Those who can deal with customers in a sincere and courteous manner.
Those who can work with us as a partner for a long period of time.
・Bright in computer settings and usage of office automation equipment.
Those who can work exclusively on our business, not on other jobs.
Those who can think independently and inventively, not only by following instructions.

Please answer the following questions when you apply.
*Please note that we will not be able to reply to applications that do not answer our questions.

Q1. your age, gender, and area of residence
Q2. your current job (including housewife, student, etc.)
Q3. previous work experience
Q4: Is the environment calm enough to handle phone calls?
Q5. computer skills (beginner/intermediate/advanced)