About the products we handle


A design clock born in Germany in 2010 that reads the time from “pattern changes”. It asks the question, “Are you enjoying this moment in time?


A pioneering “smart notebook” that combines the functions of both a “whiteboard” and an “electronic notebook. This sustainable notebook has garnered a total of over 800 million yen in support in the U.S. crowdfunding stationery category.


Roof bag” is a soft-shell car carrier popular overseas. Rightline Gear” is a popular brand in the U.S. that is completely waterproof.

The best-selling slackline brand in the U.S. and Europe, originating from the U.K. This popular tightrope walking sport offers a sense of freedom from gravity and an exquisite “bouncy” feeling that even beginners can enjoy!

Roof rack in only 5 minutes with no tools required for installation.
Proven brand with 15 years of sales experience in the U.K.


Comprehensive fitness equipment manufacturer from the U.S.

Xcountry Original Brand
Developed around sports, fitness and outdoor activities


Automatic return golf net with 30-second installation

Golf practice item ideal for practicing capturing the sweet spot